Dorota Sajewicz

Strategy Consultant, Brand Management Expert.
Expert Dorota Sajewicz - hobbies (horse riding)

Managing Director and co-founder of BE THERE, a company specialized in connecting investors with capital-seeking entrepreneurs and entities looking to sell their business, Dorota is also a president of the foundation Artis Causae promoting extracurricular development of children and teenagers in the areas of art and culture, as well as broadly understood STEM.

Dorota runs her own programme for entrepreneurs where she shares her expertise in brand and business strategy development & implementation, as well as shows how to successfully pitch investors. At INSPIRE, she wears several hats, including those of expert, mentor and instructor for both C-Level executives and company owners.

With two decades in strategic management of company, brand and product development under her belt, Dorota is a specialist in strategic analysis of capital-seeking companies, with special interest in such industries as new techs, media, e-commerce, broadly understood marketing communication, luxury goods, retail and fashion.

As senior management member in charge of marketing and product at coffee house coffeeheaven, she vastly contributed to the brand’s popularity in Poland before joining Warsaw-based fashion boutique Risk Made in Warsaw, where she was vice-CEO and partner in 2015-2018. She was also responsible for marketing & PR at NorthFish, Costa Coffee, Timex Polska and the Polish Association of Brand Product Manufacturers „ProMarka”.

A graduate of the School of Management, Polish Open University and of a postgraduate course in Public Relations at the University in Warsaw, Dorota also completed a Business Management Programme at the ICAN Institute (Canadian International Management Institute) and Harvard Business Review.

Dorota has a wide range of interests, from creative forms of development and experience-based learning to art and culture from various periods in history, with special focus on creativity triggers. Her newfound passion is Western riding.