Training for individuals

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself.”
Denis Waitley

Self-improvement nearly always begins with a boost in self-awareness and ability to change ingrained behaviour patterns. Any training that enhances your self-awareness or readiness for embracing new ideas fits the definition of personal development.

INSPIRE developed a variety of courses for the individuals who can see a real value in personal growth and its transformative potential. Grouped into three modules, our trainings help participants navigate the winding path to self-actualisation.

Centred around self-reflection skills, School of life module is made up of workshops, webinars and lectures designed to help you explore your fears and desires, and learn more about yourself in the process. You will learn how to fail and how to make difficult choices between life-changing alternatives, while getting a glimpse into other cultures’ recipes for wellness, such as Ikigai and Hygge.

School of thinking module places focus on innovation and creativity. Out of the box thinking, Agile methodology and User Experience are some of the topics explored during our workshops. An interactive “Crack the Code” workshop explains how to come to terms with failure, while the lecture on Innovative Neurons shows the innovative potential of our brains.

Workshops offered as part of the School of success module revolve around work-related issues such as self-motivation, females in business and difficult conversations with your superiors.