An hour before the training starts, I am usually already in a conference room, anxious to begin the class. Once I have got everything ready and there is still a bit of time left, I spend it on reading something inspiring. Recently, I have reached for Susan Jeffers’s truly inspirational book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. I will share some of the excerpts from it here.

Every person that we encounter in our life has a different story and a different experience. Today I am conducting a stress management training. Each of the delegates was brave enough to admit to themselves that not everything in their lives works in the way they want it to. They have come here to change it. Apparently over 90 percent of our fears never come true. In other words, the likelihood of our negative concerns materializing stands at roughly 10 percent.

In such case, would you not agree that positive thinking is a more realistic attitude than a negative mindset? Think about yourself. I’ll bet that the majority of your worries have never become a reality.

Why to torture oneself instead of being happy? If looking on the bright side of life will make you a happier person, why to think twice about it?

Mirella Piwiszkis
Business Psychologist, Mentor, Founder of INSPIRE