Innovative solutions

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

Steve Jobs

You cannot make a real difference without being innovative. To produce a meaningful and sustainable change in a client’s organisation, training providers can no longer rely on conventional development methods and traditional tools. At INSPIRE, we believe that new, sometimes unconventional solutions can impart knowledge and instil resourcefulness by increasing participants’ engagement and facilitating the learning process.

Digitisation is a rising trend that opens up a lot of new avenues for training companies. We make the best of it by providing our clients with a range of digital, web-based tools that bridge the gap between traditional practice and innovative teaching.

  • we use streaming media techs to broadcast trainings to multiple participants via webcasting;
  • by combining online interaction with a more traditional place-based classroom approach as part of blended learning, we guarantee the ultimate flexibility in presenting content, customisation and extended reach;
  • our clients can put their newly acquired skills into practice through hands-on activities in a true-to-life learning environment during our simulation trainings.

As a company placing strong emphasis on a personalized approach, we feel that getting to know our clients is vital in serving their needs effectively. Client and team profiling is one of the ways to help participants reach their full potential. With innovative diagnostic tools like PRISM Brain Mapping and MBTI® questionnaire, our business instructors and coaches can dig deeper and find out what really makes our clients tick.