Tailored to your needs

Not everyone fits the mould. At INSPIRE, we recognise the value of an individualised approach. Crafting personalized learning experiences is our response to an increasing training unification, a by-product of globalisation.

A growing number of training providers are ditching customisation for the sake of mass-produced solutions to be applied indiscriminately across organisations and markets. We choose a different path, addressing the clients’ needs on a case-by-case basis. Our training modules, tools and know-how are the building blocks which we arrange and re-arrange to create the best client fit.

We are flexible, too. Conventional workshops and trainings do not always offer the solution to the problem. For instance, clients may misdiagnose the issue as the lack of hard skills, whereas what their teams need is an attitudinal fix. Here is how we solve this:

  • First, we get to the root of the underlying issue which can be the lack of motivation.
  • Next, we may have to produce an entirely new building block, such as rotation projects with carefully selected buddies, to see a genuine improvement in the client’s situation.
  • Finally, we are proven right by enhanced business performance metrics at our client’s organisation.

This is what makes us different from the others: we will not rest until we find the missing piece of the puzzle and fix the problem with the right tools tailored to the client’s needs.