Behavioural Profiling

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Psychological tests have long been used to gain a deeper insight into our true selves. They are also excellent recruitment and team development tools offering clear benefits such as more effective team performance and stronger team synergies.

A great team diagnostics tool, Profiling allows organisations to get to understand their human resources better and, consequently, use their key assets to the maximum advantage

At INSPIRE, we feel that behavioural profiling and personality type tests offer a great starting point for further work with your teams, as well as for personal growth.

Designed with an ever-changing business environment in mind, neuroscience-based PRISM Brain Mapping is an advanced, versatile online instrument for identification of behavioural preferences. It presents insights into the nature of personal relationships, with a strong link to work performance. An excellent recruitment tool, it also paves the way for both professional and personal self-betterment.

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The MyersBriggs Type Indicator, otherwise known as MBTI®, is an introspective self-report questionnaire based on the notion of a psychological type as a complex dynamic system. During a feedback session, you can get a better understanding of your personality, including your preferred ways of interaction and communication with others.

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