Why smaller is better

Bigger is not always better. In truth, bigger is often tantamount to bland, second-rate and uninspired.

While having more resources and wider coverage, larger firms find it more difficult to zoom in on an individual client and personalise their largely standardized, mass-market offering.

Sometimes boutique companies are a better bet.

At INSPIRE, we offer a powerful antidote to generic approach to trainings represented by the majority of big players. Instead of being fixed on quantity, we place emphasis on quality by carefully selecting our instructors and coaches. We have both the right size and excellent expertise to be able to offer made-to-measure training solutions that will engage clients, create consistency in their organisations, boost performance and deliver solid results.

We are big enough and have adequately vast experience working with the market heavyweights to offer broad know-how and wide range of ready-to-use tools.

At the same time, we are sufficiently small to be flexible and tailor each training to the unique needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on having a fantastic team of top-grade coaches and instructors with extensive experience across multiple industries.

On top of being experts in their respective domains, our team members must also be certified instructors ready to play multiple roles, including those of  facilitators and logisticians. We always make sure our new hires are sufficiently competent to take up the challenge.

Many of our coaches and instructors are our former clients; inspired by our trainings, they decided to share their professional knowledge as part of our close-knit, hand-picked teams.

Subsequently, our clients benefit from access to higher quality, more experienced staff than they often would at bigger training providers with sizeable, yet less carefully selected teams of instructors.