Training for business

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

Benjamin Franklin

At INSPIRE, our goal is to bridge the gap between business theory and practice. We make sure that our trainings reflect the participants’ workplace environment, while drawing on real-life business cases.

We believe that a training’ business and developmental outcomes can only be achieved if certain non-negotiable requirements are met.

  • First, participants must feel accountable for their own growth.
  • Secondly, the training’s effectiveness needs to be measured.
  • Finally, the training is just one of several stages of a comprehensive process.

To make it all work, a viable structure is needed. Our  programmes are designed around the same framework comprising five key phases:

  • Needs Analysis conducted by means of focus groups, on-the-job observations, Mystery Shopper or 360 degrees feedback;
  • Pre-work which prepares the ground for the training;
  • Training based on Kolb’s four-stage cycle of learning;
  • Follow-up involving the use of such tools as personal development plan (PA) and coaching on the job;
  • Measuring effectiveness by applying business indices and competence tests.

Now let’s put some flesh on this bare- bones structure. What areas of professional development do we cover with our trainings?


Nowadays companies are quick to replace traditional methods with innovative ways of doing things. Moving with the times, INSPIRE embraces this growing trend by introducing training modules combining business practice with new and inspiring techs.

For us, innovation is more than just a hot buzzword. We are great believers in its transformative power. In our trainings, we want to help participants think outside of the box by encouraging them to share their innovative ideas and become more open to positive change. This way, we can assist them in implementing the culture of innovation in their organisations.

We do this by shaping attitudes and mindsets.

Innovation is all about active listening, alertness, spontaneous response and making bold choices. Inspired by the art of improvisation, our Impro for Companies workshops for managers and employees help participants develop these skills.

Dedicated to managers who wish to create innovation-friendly environment in their workplace, Greenhousing                                                                                                                       workshop helps promote the culture of innovation within a team and across organisation, while real-time and interactive online lecture “Innovation and the Brain. Innovative Neurons” offers a rare glimpse into the workings of a human brain, at the same time highlighting these behaviours that stifle innovation.

Innovative ideas require innovative tools. From Design Thinking known as the fastest problem-solving method to online strategic games designed to create team synergies, we offer a wide range of techniques that do the trick.

We are great fans of business simulations, arguably the best participant engagement boosters in the training tool kit. And we have a particularly soft spot for hybrid simulations, unparalleled in communicating complex content in an engaging, easy-to-grasp manner. Taking place half in a virtual, half in a real space, Raven 13 offers an opportunity to try out and compare various methods of team management under such constraints as time, uncertainty and incomplete information. Inspired by real events, Mir 91 takes participants to a space station. This facilitator-led simulation explores such areas as cooperation, team and self- management, Agile and building commitment.

Sales Training

What truly sets the best sales professionals apart from the pack are not their skills, but their mindset. As an exclusive distributor of Integrity Solutions’ offering in Poland, we have a unique opportunity to help sales teams and their leaders unleash the mental side of selling and build strong foundations for performance.

Based on a reputable Integrity Solutions® learning methodology, our individual sales trainings and courses for teams are designed to help drive measurable business results by going beyond skills building. True to our mission, we work on changing the attitudes and behaviours of sales professionals. Again, we start with “why”. By discovering the “why” behind their product or service, our clients are already on their way to becoming highly effective sellers.

More about Integrity Solutions:

Leadership Development

Setting the direction and providing guidance in today’s fast-paced world requires a special kind of leadership. At INSPIRE, we help good leaders evolve into great leaders, ready to face the challenges of a rapidly-changing economic and social environment.

We believe that supporting leaders on their path towards professional growth provides strong foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage. By helping leaders release their full potential, we help their organisations achieve the highest standards of performance.

We developed several kinds of training interventions which, coupled with individual developmental sessions, bring considerable added value to everyday work of experienced managers.

A separate series of trainings is dedicated to “rookie leaders” who have been recently promoted into management roles.

Divided into Five Stages validated with quarterly Stop Points, our CAN-PACK project for Effective Management helps top management bring  their managerial skills to a higher level through a series of focus groups, case studies, strategic and leadership workshops and hybrid simulations.

First-time managers with boardroom ambitions can get a much-needed guidance by participating in our project “From colleague to boss”. Designed to provide newly minted managers with the skills needed to make a smooth transition, the trainings place emphasis on employee motivation, team management, feedback, communication and assertiveness.

Stress and professional burnout

The constant pressures and demands of our jobs combined with difficulty in maintaining a healthy work-life balance directly translate into high level of stress in the workplace. If not properly managed, the stress will reach a critical point when feelings of despondency and weariness kick in.  Caused by extensive and prolonged stress, burnout undermines productivity and saps vital energy. It takes more than a handful of useful tips to handle stress at work. Consequences of both uncontrolled stress and burnout  spill out into practically every area of our lives, making us vulnerable and helpless. That is why early diagnosis and prompt response are so important.

At INSPIRE, we believe that chances of getting burned out can be reduced by recognizing causes and symptoms of stress and undertaking necessary preventive measures. Our training interventions focus on both these areas. Participants learn about the nature of stress by becoming familiar with the theories by Hans Selye and Lazarus, while getting the hang of several coping techniques and strategies that help keep stress at bay.