Development Style

One training can hardly make a difference. We firmly believe that only a process-based approach to employee development can bring about a real change. We address our clients’ needs holistically, in five important stages.

  • We IDENTIFY their needs based on interviews, questionnaires, audits and psychometric tools;
  • tapping into both innovative and tested resources, we CREATE a tailored solution rooted in Kolb’sexperiential learning theory. Each training is original and based on Design Thinking method;
  • we GUIDE our clients through transition by teaching them necessary skills during workshops and coaching sessions;
  • clients must start practicing new sets of skills within two weeks after the training’s completion or old habits will kick in. We FOLLOW UP on their progress to boost their motivation and help them implement new solutions on the job, under the instructor’s supervision;
  • finally, we CHECK whether the numbers match up. We apply business metrics and behavioural indices to assess the change.