Exclusive Partners

Our  clients seek measurable outcomes. By teaming up with a global leading sales training solutions provider Integrity Solutions, we can help them fuel sales, boost employee retention rates and enhance revenues.

As an exclusive distributor of the firm’s offering in Poland, we get the opportunity to coach leaders and train sales teams based on tested and tried Integrity Solutions® learning methodology.


At the heart of Integrity Solutions Powered by Inspire lies the need to share a unique sales approach designed to help our clients unleash the mental side of sales, while generating impressive results that can be seen and measured. Connecting skills, knowledge and values, trainings by Integrity Solutions translate into tangible pay-offs such as higher conversion rates and customer loyalty. The formula offered by the company is nothing short of silver bullet selling, with such spectacular results as a 79-percent dip in employee turnover and a nearly 22-percent surge in customer service effectiveness.

More about Integrity Solutions powerful formula for sales: